About Me


About Me

My name is Irimai, which means “The Certainty of Silence”

Since I was born I have always felt a force that has made me want to comprehend myself, to evolve, to expand my consciousness, to re-create myself over and over, to seek the meaning of life. This first search for many years was external: I looked for answers in books, films, teachings, courses and workshops, in other people, in teachers and gurus, in my travels, until one day I began to look for them inside. While searching outside, I developed a great capacity to learn on my own and to accumulate knowledge, I gave priority to the Mind, the rational part of my Being, instructed myself in different areas of knowledge that have served me at all times as practical tools to finally reach the Center of My Being.

When I became familiar with indigenous cultures and their ancestral traditions that remained intact for thousands of years, for the first time in my life I took a quantum leap from the Mind to the Heart. There was where my journey really started, the journey of unlearning everything I had learned to remember my own essence, the journey in which I was accompanied and guided by the Master Plants, Yoga, Music, Singing and Dancing. I began to have more and more awareness of my thoughts, my emotions and my body. I began to perceive the direct relationship that exists between what we think, what we feel, what we say and what we can experiment through our physical body in form of sensuality and pleasure or physical pain and illness.

During this inner journey I began to see, for the first time, all the Light that had always been within me and is within each and every Being on Earth, I started seeing all our infinite potential as Beings of Light, as part of the Whole, – something I wasn’t able to see before. I began to perceive the Com-union between everything in the Universe, between each Being, between people and circumstances, thus experiencing the awareness of non-separation. But I also began to see all my Shadow, the whole part of my Being that I never wanted to accept, which I judged as “bad”, which I kept for years in the darkest corners of my psyche, often unconsciously. And as I began to let it out into the Light and accepted it in me, giving it permission and space to be part of me, I began to realize that just as I accepted, I began to accept and have much more compassion and comprehension of others. Instead of asking myself over and over again “why does this happen to me?” I reformulated the question to: “What is this person or situation showing me? What can I learn about me through it?” And so I began to see blessings in everything: in the” good “and the” bad “, without judgment or distinction. I realized the amount of external conditioning (unconscious beliefs) I had and that directly influenced the reality I lived in. I began to see other people as mirrors that show me parts of me that I still have to integrate and accept in myself. In this way came the awareness that we create our reality with our thoughts and our beliefs and in each moment we choose (unconsciously or by the Superior Consciousness) perfectly precise people and situations so that we can grow and evolve. This new perception of reality beyond duality allowed me to appreciate life and ALL THAT IS on a much deeper level and consequently to be at peace with myself and with others.

I began to realize that regardless of physical form and what we can perceive with our eyes, everything in the Universe is energy and vibration; that each and every Living Being, every plant, every animal, every object emanate this vibration; that we can raise or lower our vibration with our thoughts through the emotions they evoke. In fact our emotional body is an antenna that transmits our vibration and our thoughts are the thing that determines the frequency… Therefore, by focusing our thoughts in such a way that we vibrate at higher frequencies (α, γ and θ waves) we can change all our reality from the inside out.

I was able to re-dis-cover myself as Woman through the feeling of gratitude and weaving an ever closer connection with the Earth, with Nature and her cycles and with my Womb, the great creative center of each Woman. I fell in love with the Moon, I began to pay attention to the relationship between the Lunar Cycle and my emotions, I learned to guide myself through its phases and harness its energy to sow and reap my intentions and create my reality from that Moon-Womb-Earth connection.

Finally, I also comprehended that although I was born in a Woman body, I am essentially the alchemy between the two energies: the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, and so in order to self-realize, be in tune with the Universe and have harmonious relationships, we all (both Men and Women) first have to reconcile and integrate the two energies within ourselves.

Throughout my life I have learned and been passionate about Conscious Eating, Juice Fasting, Living Raw Food, Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga, Music, Singing, Medicine Music and Mantras, Meditation, Pranic Consciousness, Breatharians, Traditions, Wisdom and Ancestral Medicine of Indigenous Tribes of America, Biodecodage, Astrology, Kabbalah, Human Design System, Numerology, Psychology, NLP, Coaching, Tarot, Gemotherapy, Ecology, Bioconstruction, Permaculture, Alternative Economy. These are tools that have served me in the path of self-comprehending and that today form part of what I share with all who feel in tune with what I AM.

In lak’ech (“I am You”)