The Art of Singing is one of my greatest passions and I greatly enjoy expressing myself through music.

On my path I discovered that the Sound is a powerful tool for healing and harmonization of the vibrational frequency of each cell of every living Being that is receiving it and that consciously tuning into a certain frequency we can transmit its vibration through the Voice. By law of resonance any Being that receives (or transmits) that frequency will begin to vibrate in it which results in a change of the state of consciousness. And when done in a circle, the synergy created multiplies the effect.

Since the beginning of times singing along with dancing have been tools for emotional release, for expressing everything we can’t say with words and moving the energy within our system. The 6th throat chakra (which is also the one of manifestation) is directly related to the 2nd emotional chakra (the one of creativity) and any blockage that exists in our throat will affect the free flow of these energies as well as our ability to nail down the ideas we envision. Singing gives us the opportunity to re-connect with our emotions and re-establish their flow through vocal expression.

I share mantras and medicine songs that are ancestral instruments that serve to make us remember who we are and return us to the natural state of Being in the Present Moment.

I offer this Art through singing circles, voice expression workshops, kirtans and concerts in collaboration with other musicians. Request more information here.