Nowadays most people live their lives focused on the outside, on the “doing” and on group activities: work, responsibilities, family, children, friends, etc. Most of the time we are surrounded by other people, their beliefs and opinions, and we don’t pay enough attention to our Inner Being, to its voice and to its needs. Sooner or later life itself forces us to look inside to be able to find answers to our questions and re-connect with our Soul.

IniciArt – is an initiation process created to inspire you to disconnect from the outside to enter into more intimate and close contact with your Inner Being.

All initiation processes of different traditions and spiritual paths imply that in order to receive Wisdom, we first must “get inside the cave” and then come back bringing greater Clarity and Consciousness into our lives. And all them have the following characteristics in common:

being in solitude

being quiet


being in touch with Nature

And, in some cases, being in the dark

Everything we receive from the outside, from the TV news to the food we eat, is information that our system processes to transform it into knowledge. We live in the information age where the amount of it is as great as is the thirst and the collective despair to have the answers and to know EVERYTHING. In this thirst for knowledge and the endless quest in the outside world we completely forget the direct access to the Universal Wisdom that is within our reach – Our Inner Voice. In these times of collective Awakening more and more people come to the realization that the outside world will never give them answers to their questions and start their inner quest or the path of self-discovery. The IniciArt process is designed precisely for that.

The contact with our inner world or what we also call Intuition, Soul or the 6th sense, together with sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell are channels through which we receive information. When we overstimulate any of these channels and stop using others, the former are sharpened while the latter weaken. Thus, the more external stimuli we have, the less ability we have to use our Intuition in our favor and the more dependent we turn on other people’s opinions and beliefs. That is why the first step to reestablishing our connection with ourselves is to cut off the external stimuli that distract us from listening to the Voice of Our Being (hence the importance of fasting, silence, and solitude).

The IniciArt process is a retreat that you can do at home in a safe way with my guidance and accompaniment and that opens an opportunity for you to:

Give you time for yourself

Become aware of your emotions and mental patterns

Release blocked emotions and heal your childhood wounds, reprogramming your cellular memory

Observe and listen without distractions

Detect the beliefs that limit you and learn to transform them

Discover Your True Self and BE it it’s presence

Find clarity and answers to your questions that you couldn’t find outside

Balance and re-initiate your entire physical-mental-emotional-spiritual system

Have more peace, satisfaction and happiness in your life

What does it consist of?

During the whole process you commit to remain disconnected from the outside (without using cell phone, internet, TV) and in stillness (NOT DOING, not working or doing daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, reading etc.), without verbal contact with other people (total silence except during follow-up Skype sessions with me) as well as to follow the recommendations on food (total water fasting or fasting with fruit juices) and other daily routines.

There are 2 options according to the availability of time and the level of preparation you have:

3-day IniciArt – process that starts on Friday morning and ends on Sunday night for those with no previous experience and limited time availability

9-day IniciArt – a longer and more intense process for those who feel the call to transform their life on a deeper level (begins on Friday morning and ends on Sunday night the following week)

I have created and share this process with you because these techniques have changed my life forever and that’s what makes me so convinced that it is the greatest gift you can make yourself, that I give you the freedom to ask for your money back in case you do not experience any transformation.

Get in touch with me for more information:

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