My purpose is to:


– inspire you with my example so that you believe it’s possible for you too;


– accompany you in your process of self-discovery;


-help you to re-connect with your own inner guide.


I can’t predict your future, but I can help you comprehend how your past creates your future.

I can’t tell you who you are, but I can help you find it out for yourself.

I can’t give you the solution or the magic formula for all your problems, but I can help you find it.

I can’t give you answers to your questions, but I can help you find them.

I can’t tell you if meditating / eating turmeric / doing yoga / drinking green smoothies etc. etc. is “good” for you, but I can help you learn to know what’s best for yourself.

I can’t “heal” you, but I can help you find your own healing art.

I can’t “give you a little of my light”, but I can help you make your own light spark for you.

I can’t do anything for you, but I can inspire you to do it for yourself.

In fact, if you believe that someone can do any of these things FOR YOU, you have not yet taken responsibility for yourself and you are giving in your power to others.

My mission is to share with you the idea that you, like any other person, without exception, can be happy, and to be so you don’t need to be “healed” or “fixed”. In these new times the concept of “master”, “guru” or any external authority capable of solving your problems for you by sharing exclusive knowledge he/she owns, has already become obsolete. We all have access to the Universal Wisdom and we just have to look inside to find it. Universal Consciousness is pushing you to reclaim your own power and seek answers within yourself, to be guided by your own Self and no longer depend on other people whom you believe to be “more evolved” or “enlightened” by ignorance of your own potential. Everything you admire in the other you already have, it’s only a matter of time necessary for you to discover it. I am so sure of it precisely because I was once in your place and that is why I can now inspire, accompany and mentor you in finding yourself again.

Recently I have been inspiring others through individual sessions via Skype, accompanying in IniciArt processes, online and in-person group workshops as well as through ChantArt.

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