Pranic Consciousness

Here I share my personal process of comprehending what Pranic Consciousness is.

What is Pranic Consciousness?

For every object, phenomenon or process there can be as many definitions as human beings on Earth and all are totally valid, since each experience is personal and unique as each Being is. So here I simply want to share the meaning that I have found from my experience TODAY, at this precise moment, at the point of the endless expansive journey that Consciousness does through us where I Am Being NOW.

By Pranic Consciousness I comprehend a state of consciousness that we can all access at any time in which we allow the Universal Consciousness to manifest itself through us.

And we do it naturally from time to time even when we are unaware of it…


At a practical level for me it means to focus and maintain my conscious attention on the appreciation of the present moment, of ALL THAT IS and on the breath, as well as to perceive the reality through the FEELING of the physical body, making listening to your Inner Being a priority. In this state of consciousness the illusion of separation disappears and I no longer perceive myself as an individual, but as an inseparable part of the All, beyond duality and beyond any belief. CLARITY, ENERGY and FLUIDITY come along with it.

Do we have to be a Special Being to be able to experience it?

When I was able to allow this state in me in a conscious and more continuous way thanks to a process of retrospection and self-comprehending, a simple comprehending came to me: although for some people it may seem incredible (as it was for me for many years) and that only “gurus” or “enlightened” ones can embody, the truth is that it isn’t something extraordinary, nor something that could be called “an altered state of consciousness”, but is the TRUE NATURE of each and every one of us! It is something that all of us can surrender to if we are determined to hold ourselves for more and more time in this state of consciousness. Put another way, if we have enough love, patience and compassion to remove all the blocks that we have and that prevent Pranic Consciousness from happening to us, re-educating our mind, letting go our beliefs, integrating ALL that we feel (every emotion, with NO EXCEPTIONS) and thus giving way to the TRUTH so that it can manifest within us.

In fact that’s the reason why I decided to share my experience, so that you can remember WHAT YOU ARE and what your true essence is and how GREAT is the potential of the Human Being, so that you too begin to BELIEVE that you can reach to BEING what you have come to be and gradually get rid of all the beliefs that limit you to live to your full potential and finally get into permanent contact with your Being. Though I can’t “make” you get there or give you a magic formula to follow that would guarantee you “a result”, I can serve you by inspiring you with my example and mentoring your own process and that’s what my purpose is.

We all have the same body, the same heart and the same mind, we breathe the same air and our cells have the same structure, although inside this dream we call life the illusion of separation makes us believe that we are so different. Diversity exists only in the form that the thought takes and on the paths that we travel through in the time-space dimension, while in the feeling and inside the energy of non-time we all have the same essence.

I want you to comprehend that this state is NATURAL for us, it is the state of balance in which our whole physical-mental-emotional-spiritual system works in tune, allowing the Universal Consciousness (called Energy, God, Source Universe, Prana, Chi, Light or Love) to flow freely through us. At one point on this path I realized that we all experience this state somehow throughout life. Being in love, listening to or playing music, dancing, being part of a beautiful sunset, meditating, walking, helping others or doing something that we enjoy enormously, – all these moments have one thing in common: allowing us to be Love, see it in everything, give it, receive it, appreciate and be thankful for it. It is in these everyday moments that we can experience it without knowing it as we lower the ego guard for a moment, forget about the fear and thus allow Love to flow through us.

In the absence of Love is when pain is born. As soon as Love returns, pain and fear no longer have space.

During thousands of years the Human Being has been forgetting that instant COM-UNION we have with ourselves, with the Universe and with other Beings, to which we put a name that’s so simple, so revered to and so feared of at the same time: Love. The Universal Energy, or Love, is infinite, is the creative force and is always there for us, regardless of who you are, what you’ve done or not done, the family in which you were born or any other circumstance that makes you be afraid to feel it, receive it and consequently neither be able to be it or give it, regardless of you believing to not deserve it. That is why we feel so attracted to Love and, in fact, the more disconnected we are from it, the more pain we feel, which makes us confuse the cause with the effect:

It is not Love that hurts you or makes you suffer. It is the absence of Love that causes fear, which sooner or later makes us get a dis-ease and eventually leads us to death.

Looking for answers

Surely you’re here reading this because you also asked yourself once: how do I put an end to my suffering? I spent my life escaping from pain, longing to feel love again, but at the same time being a coward and always looking for it in the wrong places. For a long time I believed that the other (couple, friends, children) was responsible for “making me feel” it. I also believed that certain external circumstances would “make me feel” it again (consume, possess things, pursue success, distract the senses, etc.) and convinced myself that there was something that was “wrong” with me so I couldn’t feel it and needed to be “fixed” (so I desperately consumed more and more information and also tried all kinds of diets, therapies, healing sessions, etc.). And I also got rally into spiritual practices with the expectation of feeling Love as reward for my “effort and sacrifice”. And while it is true that all these ways lead us finally back home (thanks to my endless search, I am sharing this with you now) and it is part of the process of the evolution of consciousness, in reality I only felt it for a while and at the moment that external factor disappeared, whatever it was, I always ended up feeling a huge void. Until one day (thanks to the pain becoming unbearable) I realized that the only way to fill that void in was to stop the search and allow this Love to begin to sprout from within: first in the very core, in the most sacred place, yet the most difficult to love unconditionally – my own BEING, then see it grow towards the people around me, to one day see it extend to all Beings, to the Nature and the entire Universe, without exceptions – from my own cells and even my biggest “enemy” to a simple stone or the most distant star.

So the answer to all my questions was very simple (to put into words) and at that time somehow difficult (to put into practice): cross the greatest fear that every Human Being has – the fear of loving, and let Love flow through me, become it and thus LOVE reality as it is, without conditions or exceptions, in its TOTALITY.

Emotions: is fear the worst enemy?

There is a saying that we ourselves are our “worst enemy,” but I’ve comprehended that it is true only while we keep battling against ourselves, while we keep resisting transformation, instead of letting go of the fear that keeps us within the familiar and the safe – our comfort zone (beliefs acquired in painful experiences as a way of protecting ourselves) and surrendering to the permanent process of change. For the change, or the illusion of movement from one point to another that is only possible in the time-space dimension, is precisely what allows the expansion of Consciousness. We are created to experience different states of consciousness and thus expand together with the Universe and when we are stuck in the past (our beliefs and emotions associated with them are always the fruit of a past experience) we don’t allow energy to flow freely and we don’t let the new happen to us, thus blocking the natural flow of existence.

I’ve discovered that at the bottom of all beliefs, mental patterns and emotions that I perceived as “negative” and that were the ones that kept me in suffering, there was always a lie and a fear. A lie that I told myself, in the form of a misinterpretation of a past experience that I couldn’t handle which caused me pain, and a fear of feeling that pain again. And not only do we believe our own lies but also those of other people, as our fear of pain is so great that we prefer to believe something even when we weren’t the ones that it happened to, rather than to experience it for ourselves and see if it is true or not. And if we already believe it to be true, it will be true for us until we decide to change our perception. So all these lies is what forms our beliefs and defines through certain patterns our behavior and consequently our emotions and our reality. Any belief has a specific emotion attached to it, any fear freezes us and so any of these two ends up limiting the infinite potential that the Consciousness has when it manifests through us.

I kept fighting against the fear until I realized that it could become my best ally: where there was a fear, I always found a false belief, so transforming this belief first in my mind and then with actions (thinking and acting differently DESPITE THE FEAR) is how I suddenly found myself on the other side of the fear. And it is precisely in that place where the greatest treasure is found – a shift in consciousness that allows us to look at things from a broader perspective, over and over again, as we keep expanding.

Little by little this became a kind of game and I learned to accept, surrender and even enjoy the sometimes uncomfortable and painful process of transformation, to allow myself to feel any emotion without restricting it, as every shadow, every confusion, every dark place of unconsciousness and every faced fear hid a gift: a greater capacity to feel Love and a different attitude to life.

In other words, any conscious or unconscious “negative” thought resulting from a belief and any unattended, repressed or blocked emotion creates an energy blockage in our system that has an imprint in our body in form of physical pain or dis-ease and doesn’t let Universal Energy flow freely. That’s why it is essential to get in touch with our emotions and learn to be guided by them instead of repressing them or refusing to feel them. Only by feeling them in all their amplitude can we release them and unlock the cellular memory contained in the body and in this way really change our thoughts.

What changes happen?

As you align your 4 lower bodies or 4 different dimensions in which our human experience (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) happens, you automatically tune into the vibrational frequency at which this energy begins to flow from the Body of Light (The Supraconsciousness or Causal Body) to the lower bodies, which is also sometimes reffered to as the Body of Light anchoring.

The change in the food intake that is most talked about and is the one that creates most confusion, can happen automatically and without any pressure as a result: the physical body no longer needs the food and/or water intake for its perfect functioning and stops existing in survival mode to begin functioning as a closed circuit without generating waste or alterations in the levels of nutrients in the blood, as there is no deterioration caused by digestion, unreleased emotions or “negative” thoughts, so the body can receive all the necessary energy from the infinite current that flows through it.

If I stop eating will I reach it?

No. It is not a diet, it is not a fast, it is not a goal to reach, it is not about restricting or depriving oneself, but about being so satisfied in all ways that Love overflows so the need to eat and the hunger disappear. IT IS A GIFT. Any attempt to force you to stop eating from the mind (“I want to achieve this goal”) without getting in touch with your FEELINGS and your intuition (“I feel it is time to do it and I allow it to happen”), will only keep you away from this state and could eventually lead you to death from starving.

However, in the process of transition to Pranic Consciousness, conscious eating, living raw food, short-term juice, water or dry fasts, along with physical exercise, conscious breathing, meditation or Sun Gazing, can support you (while not being a “requirement”) in removing physical blockages while you do the work of transforming your thoughts, integrating your emotions and, above all, OBSERVE yourself with humility, sincerity and awareness.

Can I vibrate at this frequency and still enjoy the food?

In the state of Pranic Consciousness we are finally free from dependencies, attachments and needs and we can live life from innocent curiosity and enjoyment. You no longer eat because you need the food to “survive” – ​​you do it to enjoy, without restriction and anytime you want it.

Today this vibrational frequency shift is happening to more and more people all over the world thanks to the work of self-discovery and collective transformation of emotions, thoughts, patterns and beliefs that has been done recently, and from my perspective it is something that we are pushed towards inevitably by the evolution of our species, as part of the Universal Consciousness.

I recommend you to see this documentary that gathers together testimonies of different people who embody Pranic Consciousness:

Get in touch with me if this information resonates within you and you feel identified or at least curious to know more. We are creating an international community of people where our processes and experiences are shared and where we are inspired to BE ALL WHAT WE ARE.